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Yvonne Rossiter's Bed & Biscuit Boarding Kennels

About Yvonne and Ian and their canine partners in crime.

Hi there, I started out my career as a Physiotherapist and worked for 20 years in healthcare but I have always had a love for all animals and in particular dogs. As a child I would turn up regularly with stray animals and finally my parents gave in and I got my first puppy at 13 years old. I have never looked back. I am married to Ian, who is equally nuts about dogs, having lived and shared his home with dogs, both big and small, all his life. We now share our home with 2 slightly spoilt and slightly mad dogs Max and Molly. It was them that gave me the inspiration to start on this journey.

Holiday time always comes with a sense of dread - leaving my dogs with someone else to care for them and knowing that wherever it was, that it was likely to be a traditional kennel - very different from the home environment!

In doing research for the kennels, I began to realise that I am one of many and that there are a significant number of people that do not go on holiday because they are nervous about leaving their dogs. This information strengthened my resolve to build a safe haven for dogs when their owners take a well earned break. I put months of thought into the design and thought about what both owners and dogs would want from a kennels. I am so happy with our designed plans and I am now very excited watching the building becoming a reality.

Introducing your canine host and hostess, Max and Molly.

Max is a Large Munsterlander. He loves to retrieve and would play with a tennis ball all day long, if he could just find someone to play with him. He is great with other animals and with children. He absolutely loves water and will seek it everywhere. He is never happier than when he is on the beach and surfing the waves or rolling around in a muddy, smelly puddle!

Molly is a Cocker Spaniel. She is very affectionate and playful but is timid with new people. She is a very happy little dog and is always carrying her toys around with her or encouraging Max to play with her. She desperately tries to keep up with him but her legs just aren't long enough!

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